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How Long Does It Take to Ghostwrite a Book

Are you finally ready to write that book you have been meaning to for months now? That's good news!

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How Much Does a Ghostwriter Cost to Hire?

Ghostwriting is gaining popularity for individuals and businesses; it provides a solution to those who need quality

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How much does it cost to publish a book on Amazon Kindle?

If you have a story to share with the world and make an impact, now is the time to live your “dream come true moment.”

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8 Steps to Self-Publishing a Book

Calling out to all aspiring authors! We bring you good news—the power to self-publish and profit from our books is now in our hands.

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What Exactly Does a Ghostwriter Do?

Ghostwriters do what even some CEOs don't have much time or, in some cases, skills to do. They write books for you with zero claim on any of the book's rights.

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