How to Hire a Ghostwriter for a Book

Publishing a book under your name is a fantastic way of establishing one's authority in any industry. But there's a teeny tiny problem: You might be an expert in your industry, but that doesn’t make you a writer. So, what can you do then? The solution is as clear as the day. Of course, you hire a ghostwriter!

Ready to learn the ABCs of how to hire someone to write a book for you? Stick with us till the end! Let us start with understanding what is a ghost writer for a book.

What is a Ghostwriter for a Book?

A professional ghostwriter is someone who writes any form of content without being credited for it. A ghostwriter can be the author you employ to produce books for you or the blogger you pay to make blog posts for your website.

Despite receiving payment for their work, bookwriters for hire don’t obtain credit for their namesake projects. The ghostwriter retains no ownership of the content that is created on your behalf. Ghostwriters for hire work quietly in the background, invisible to everyone. 

Nobody even knows their name in the broader public. If the author wants to highlight their ghostwriter, they may credit them to be an assistant researcher or even a cowriter at the end of the book. 

A ghostwriter's work can include everything from essays to novels to nonfiction, including but not limited to:

  • Autobiographies
  • Literary Prose
  • Speeches
  • Comic Books
  • Magazine Articles
  • Screenplays
  • Journalism
  • Blog Posts
  • Academic and Medical Papers
  • Novels
  • Memoirs
  • Religious Texts
  • Songs

Can I Hire Someone to Write My Book?

Are you wondering if someone can pen your book down for you? We have good news, then! Yes, you can hire a ghost writer for content creation, whether you’re an author or just someone who wants to boost their credibility. 

Hiring a ghost writer might seem unusual to many, but you can’t deny that you don’t want one. This is because it’s normal for many, like you, to not have expertise in writing different forms of content or a good understanding of the intricacies of writing and publishing a book.

When you hire a ghostwriter for a book, think of it as outsourcing any other service for your business. As a result, you’re free to focus on other things by letting the experts handle your content-related tasks. You might be surprised to hear that famous authors occasionally employ the services of ghostwriters to keep cranking out books when they simply can’t bring themselves to do it on their own. In the past, many authors have hired ghostwriters to write their books.

Now comes the challenging part: discovering and hiring the perfect ghostwriter for your needs. You can't just start your search for hiring a writer for a book and choose the first ghostwriter or ghostwriting agency you see. There are several things you need to ensure when you hire a book writer.

If you don’t plan, you may face some issues with the ghostwriter. For instance, they may:

  • Generate subpar content
  • Fail to produce detailed posts
  • Totally miss being able to record your unique style and voice
  • Will not produce value-added content

So, how do you hire a ghostwriter who actually produces results? While the process is pretty demanding, it gives you satisfying results. 

How to Hire a Ghostwriter to Write Your Book?

Don’t rush into finding a ghostwriter; instead, carefully follow these instructions on how to get a ghostwriter. You should give this some serious consideration in advance if you want to increase the likelihood of hiring the best candidate.

Here are the steps you need to follow:

  • Defining Your Objective
  • Setting Your Budget
  • Searching For Ghostwriters
  • Defining the Project’s Scope
  • Starting the Ghostwriting Process

Ready to get into details? Let’s start!

  • Defining Your Objective

Ghostwriters compose anything from manuscript analysis to chapter summaries, book ideas, and, of course, finished manuscripts. Before contacting a ghostwriter for hire, you should have an idea of what you want written. Do you already have a book summary? A rough outline of novel parts and chapter summaries? It isn’t necessary to bring anything to the table when you hire a ghostwriter, but it is a good idea to think about what you already have done as a prospective author before you reach out.

Write down your objectives:

  • How would you like people to perceive this book?
  • How should it affect your career?
  • What value should it provide?
  • Why is this book an important part of your brand strategy?

Finding the right ghostwriter will be much easier if you have a clear idea of what you want accomplished. 

  • Setting Your Budget

Before hiring a ghostwriter to write a book, it is important to have a well-defined budget for your project. It would be disappointing to begin your dream project with an ideal ghostwriter only to face a budget shortage halfway through. When looking to hire a writer for your project, it is crucial to recognize the worth of the service and to be practical about your budget.

The pricing depends on your ghostwriter's experience and skills. It is important to factor in the time and cost involved in writing a book, which can range from a few months to over a year for interviews, research, and writing. 

Budget and cost should be discussed initially when approaching a book ghostwriter. It is best if the agency you work with has a selection of ghostwriters available. If the agency provides ongoing supervision, junior writers are usually a good choice.

  • Searching For Ghostwriters

What is the best place to start searching for a ghostwriter or co-author? It can be challenging to find a ghostwriter for a book. Ghostwriters usually sign non-disclosure agreements with their customers, limiting their work sharing. Once your book is live, you will want the same privacy.

The best place to start your search for a ghostwriter is with a reputable agency like Maven Ghostwriters. They will connect you with competent writers who meet your exact specifications. Find writers or agencies that have a track record of both traditional and self-published novels. Before you make contact, make sure you have looked over all of your online possibilities. 

The replies you get from prospective ghostwriters over the next several days should reveal a lot about their dedication and professionalism. Gather as much information as you can and apply it to at least a few ghostwriting prospects.

Be ready to ask them questions about ghostwriting:

  • What are their core values?
  • Which types of writing are they most adept at?
  • Can they provide any examples of their writing?
  • What are their signature genres?

If you’re considering hiring a ghostwriter, your choice will hinge on their satisfactory answers. Keep in mind that working on a book together is going to be a very personal experience, more like a partnership than a job. Prioritize hiring someone you feel comfortable with.

  • Defining the Project’s Scope

Once you’ve chosen an affordable professional ghostwriter and one who shares your views and understands your vision well, evaluate the project scope to decide what the ghostwriter should write, what you want their advice on, and what you want to accomplish yourself.

You may want your ghostwriter to take notes during brainstorming meetings and create a book synopsis and chapter plans. You can use those resources to write the manuscript yourself. Your ghostwriter can then provide input to help you polish the piece for publication!

Alternatively, the ghostwriter can create the book and make changes based on your comments. Most authors employ this method because they want professional ghostwriters to write and organize content. Whatever method you use, the job must fit you!

  • Starting the Ghostwriting Process

Your ghostwriter and you agreed on the scope. What now? After settling on a budget and task with your ghostwriter, the exciting part begins writing your book! This is when your book takes shape and enters the world. Note that this list of deliverables may change based on how you and your ghostwriter have divided up the work, but here is an overview of a typical ghostwriting process: an author hires a ghostwriter to write everything from a synopsis to the manuscript's final draft.

You will give the ghostwriter all of your stories, case studies, studies, and other papers that you have written. This information guides the writer's process and the next stages. The ghostwriter may interview you and other book subjects over several months to fill in the gaps and build a rich, detailed story. Before starting the project, the ghostwriter will provide chapter summaries and book proposals to ensure you’re on the same page. As the manuscript develops, these materials may change.

  • The ghostwriter will compose the first draft.
  • You will give your input and track edits.
  • The ghostwriter will write a second manuscript draft.
  • You'll review it and make modifications if necessary.
  • The ghostwriter will compose a third and final draft.

Timelines vary on budget and ghostwriter availability. Being realistic about the timetable is important since high-quality work takes time. After writing, a professional editor will check your work for grammatical, informational, and structural errors. Finally, after writing, editing, and proofreading, the ghostwriting agency will proceed with publishing your book using your chosen publishing method.

What is Included in Your Ghostwriter Contract?

The ghostwriter contract should cover all aspects of your arrangement. If problems arise, you can refer to the contract. Yes, a contract is necessary, even if you have trust in this individual. 

Your contract should cover the following:

  • Service cost
  • Terms of payment
  • Deliverables
  • Royalties and rights
  • Termination rights
  • Anonymity provision

Here’s more information on them.

  • Service Cost

The service pricing may be negotiated several times. Payment for ghostwriting depends on the work. You will agree on a project pricing and pay in installments if they write your book. For instance, you may pay a portion of the total amount once you have received the outline, another chunk when you have completed one-third of the book, and the final payment when the last revision has been completed.

  • Terms of Payment

For regular writers, you can choose payment conditions. Most writers like every other week since it mimics a paycheck and helps them budget. The contract also specifies how often and how you pay (check, PayPal, etc.).

  • Deliverables

Don’t skip deliverables. You should be really specific about the services your ghostwriter will provide.  Book ghostwriters must meet the chapter or word count, book-length, and revision requirements that you specify.

  • Royalties and Rights

Your contract should define who owns the finished product's rights. When they provide you with their content, the ghostwriter gives up all rights. Royalties should not be shared with a ghostwriter unless included in the payment. Some firms match you with ghostwriters who work at a discounted rate in exchange for royalties.

  • Termination Rights

Your contract should allow termination. A lot of things can happen. Maybe your firm fails, and you can’t pay the ghostwriter. There are a lot of incidents and unforeseen circumstances that can impact the terms, so it’s needed.

  • Anonymity Provision

Finally, include an anonymity clause to prevent your ghostwriter from boasting about drafting your book. If your ghostwriter is discovered, it might damage your career as a famous author. Since your name is on a book cover, you might not want others to find out you hired a ghostwriter.

Now that you understand all the ins and outs of hiring a ghostwriter, are you finally ready to hire one? Then, look no further than our experts at Maven Ghostwriters.

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Frequently Asked Questions

It is fine if you’re transparent with your ghostwriter, don’t mislead clients, and abide by the terms discussed in the contract. With the right practices, it’s ethical.

Ready to release your masterpiece? Kindle Direct Publishing allows self-publishing. KDP lets you establish pricing, update them anytime, and receive royalties.

Yes! This is why you need a contract. The foundation of a good ghostwriting agreement is a ghostwriter assigning the copyright in exchange for cash, acknowledgment, or other terms.

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