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A cookie is a minute file that is stored by a website to gather data regarding the visitor's browsing behavior. Since it's common on many websites, our site also uses them. This section entails details about the information we collect and how we utilize it.

How We Use Cookies

Maven Ghostwriters uses cookies for several cases. In case you are not comfortable with that, you can disable cookies by adjusting the settings on your browser. However, be aware that doing so can impact the functionality of the website you visit, especially ours.

The Cookies We Use

  • Email newsletters-related cookies
Our site provides email and newsletter services. Therefore, cookies can often be used to store information regarding our clients.
  • Forms related cookies
When users submit data via forms available on contact pages, cookies are utilized to store those details for future communication.
  • Third-Party Cookies

Please note that in certain cases, our site also used cookies offered by third parties.

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