What Exactly Does a Ghostwriter Do?

Ghostwriters do what even some CEOs don’t have much time or, in some cases, skills to do. They write books for you with zero claim on any of the book’s rights. Interested to know more about what does a ghostwriter do? Be our guest! Because we’re spilling all the beans here.


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  • Who is a ghostwriter?
  • Ghost writing meaning?
  • What are ghostwriters doing that authors often can’t?

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Do Ghostwriters Do All the Writing?

We’re sure by now the first question that’s popping into your head is, what is a ghostwriter for a book? Well, a ghostwriter’s job is to pen content for someone else without taking credit for any of it. Ghostwriters often consent to nondisclosure agreements or other contracts to maintain the confidentiality of their clients’ works. 


In most cases, ghostwriters don’t receive credit for their work. However, if the credited author chooses to acknowledge their contributions, they may name them as a researcher or co-writer at the end of the book.


A ghostwriter’s output can include a broad spectrum of works, such as:


  • Autobiographies         
  • Literary prose   
  • Journalism
  • Magazine articles        
  • Speeches         
  • Blog posts
  • Memoirs         
  • Songs   
  • Screenplays
  • Novels  
  • Academic and medical papers   
  • Comic books

What is the Point of a Ghostwriter?

Ever wondered what are ghost writers doing that you can’t? Many individuals, like you, can benefit from hiring a ghostwriter as it streamlines and simplifies the writing process. A lot of famous people, including politicians, corporate executives, consultants, and celebrities, pay ghostwriters to write for them. 


There are numerous reasons why someone could consider hiring a ghostwriter. In most instances, many people don’t write books or articles because they either don’t think they’re good enough for the job or simply don’t have the time. 


There are a lot of reasons why public figures hire expert ghostwriters, but the most common ones are to save time and ensure accuracy and quality. From blogs to books, official communications to autobiographies—they employ ghostwriters for it all.


Many famous people use the services of a ghostwriter when they want to write a biography or memoir. Publications like these might provide them with additional opportunities for income and exposure. 
 When famous authors are unable or uninterested in continuing to write, they may employ ghostwriters to keep cranking out content.


Publishers often employ ghostwriters to author works in certain genres, such as romance, young adult, and action, under a single pen name. For instance, Tom Clancy’s action novels, the Nancy Drew series, Goosebumps, and the Jason Bourne series are all ghostwritten.

Perks Of Hiring Ghostwriters for Book Writing

Now comes the fun part. Do you know there are several benefits of working with credible ghostwriters? Don’t believe us? We’ve compiled a list of some of the most lucrative pros. They are as follows:

Hiring Ghostwriters Can Help You Save More Time

Often, people don’t realize how long it really takes to write. Writing is a full-time job and is time-consuming, whether it’s a book or any other form of content you’re working on. Before you can even begin penning things down, you need to spend a good amount of time conducting research. 


Once that’s done, the writing bit begins, and there is editing & proofreading, formatting, etc. In short, it can get pretty exhausting, but when you hire a ghostwriter, you get more time to relax and focus on other things. Hiring a ghostwriter will allow you to retain more of your valuable time than you may realize.

Become a Voice That Impacts

You might be very good at what you do for a living. However, being highly competent does not guarantee that you have the necessary skills to compose exceptional work. You may also need to possess additional skills, such as being good at research. Along with that, you must possess the ability to produce any sort of content, ensuring you’re organized in your writing so that it makes the most effect.
 A professional ghostwriter understands how to take your creative ideas and turn them into a well-organized, engaging, and informative form of writing.

Get a Book You Can Call Yours

A lot of people fail to understand this part. If you hire a ghostwriter, they will utilize your words and ideas to create a book for you, but you will still be credited with the work. This helps get your name out there, establishing you as an expert in the industry. 


And the best part is that you don’t have to be concerned about getting credit—that is how ghostwriting works. A ghostwriter writes content without receiving credit. This is why they are called “ghostwriters” – they work behind screens.

Ghostwriters Are Familiar with SEO

There is no point in writing content for you if the audience can’t find it. That’s where SEO comes in. For the audience to come across your work, search engines need to find it. Search engine optimization (SEO) is a significant aspect of making any material appear in Google searches so that people may find and read them. 


You may know some things about SEO, but the goal is always changing because algorithms are constantly evolving. A good ghostwriter knows the best ways to use SEO and will organize your work so that it becomes a search engine favorite very quickly.

These Experts Analyze the Competition

It’s possible that you have knowledge about your competitors in your industry, but do you know how successful they are in getting their books published? Professional ghostwriters like those at Maven Ghostwriters can conduct research on your competitors and other writers in your field to develop a strategy that will make your work stand out. 


They can identify gaps in your competitors’ work and incorporate those elements into the content to make it more engaging. Understanding your competition is essential if you want to outperform them, and hiring ghostwriters can help with that.

Content That Resonates with the Audience

Ghostwriters are experts in researching potential clients and writing with their audience in mind. They have the ability to use simple language, understand the target audience, and produce quality content accordingly. Regardless of the topic, ghostwriters have the capabilities and skills to craft words that are meaningful and resonate with their readers.

What to Consider Before Hiring a Ghostwriter?

When hiring a ghostwriter, make sure they stick to your brand’s ethos and use a voice that is consistent with your other written work. For that, it’s best to take a look at some of their previous pieces, if you have any, for a clear idea of their writing abilities. 


Consider whether it would be beneficial to work with a ghostwriter who is familiar with your field or the subjects they will be covering. While it is great when writers already have a good grasp of the subject matter and business jargon, it might be helpful to have an outsider who is studying your industry’s ins and outs to provide a fresh viewpoint. 


They may be able to look at the situation from a different perspective and come up with fresh ideas to hook your audience. The ability to rapidly learn new material, conduct thorough research, and write authoritatively on any subject are all hallmarks of a top-notch ghostwriter


To ensure that the ghostwriter is giving you the material you require and that it addresses the issues you wish to cover in your book, you might want to provide them with an outline. Another option is to ask the ghostwriter for advice on how to tackle a certain subject. 


The more details you give the ghostwriter about your business, your brand, the tone you want them to use, and the topics you want covered, the more satisfied you will be with the final product.


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Frequently Asked Questions

What does a ghost writer do?

Ghostwriters write novels, stories, and other content for or with credited authors, using the author’s outline or conversations as guidance. Unlike other professionals, they produce content without demanding any claim over it.

Undoubtedly, many industries demand quality content, making it essential to produce such work. As a result, ghostwriters continue to hold a significant place in various fields. Many people and businesses engage ghostwriters to assist them in creating high-quality material without having to devote the time and effort to doing it themselves.

Ghostwriting fees depend on the overall experience of the expert you choose to hire. Generally, the more knowledgeable the ghostwriter, the higher the cost. The cost can also vary based on the type of content you want to create. For example, a book or a screenplay may cost more than a blog post or an article due to the larger scale and complexity of this project.