How Long Does It Take to Ghostwrite a Book

Are you finally ready to write that book you have been meaning to for months now? That’s good news! But hold on. Before you ask how many hours does it take to write a book or additional information about the ghostwriter-client collaboration, we have prepared a guide to help you. This guide is packed with all the whats, hows, and whys to answer your concerns and guide you to choose the best for your dream book.

Read on and find everything you need to know before hiring professional ghostwriters for your book.

How Much Time Does a Ghostwriter Need to Write a Book?

One of the first things every client asks from ghostwriters is how long their book projects will take from start to finish. While it is an easy and time-saving way to write your book, the process consists of multiple steps. Most people don’t know there are other aspects aside from research, gathering information, and writing, which make the whole process a unique experience for the client.


It starts with the client communicating what they want the book to be about. At this point, the ghostwriter already has a rough idea of how to begin. As a client, you can just share your ideas or be as specific as you can when discussing your book. This allows you to ensure your book is as close as possible to your vision.

However, by limiting the amount of detail, you are allowing your niche-specific ghostwriter more leeway to get the work closer to the original concept. Put simply, you have complete control over how your book turns out. 

Let’s dig deeper to understand how many hours does it take to write a book.

How Many Hours Does It Take to Ghostwrite a Book?

Even if two ghostwriting projects call for the same word count or number of chapters, no two are alike. Several elements can influence how many hours to write a book

Initial Consultation

The first call between the client and the ghostwriter can be crucial for the process as it sets the tone and deadlines for the whole undertaking. The first discussion with the client is used to get an initial understanding of how both parties function. 


This is also where the book ghostwriters decide whether or not to do interviews, which should be approached for the project, plus when and how those interviews will take place.
 After the first meeting, both the ghostwriter and the client should have a clearer understanding of the project’s scope, allowing both of them clarity on how the project will go about.

Size And Scope

Ghostwriting projects can range in size and complexity from short stories for children to multi-book memoirs. Remember, the more complex the project, the more time it will take to complete.

Outlines and Drafts

Every ghostwriting project begins with a different stage. Sometimes, clients schedule the first meeting, having written their first draft of the book completely. Other times, all they have are basic ideas and concepts for how they wish their book to look.

If the client provides an outline or first draft, it may require more editing before writing can begin. Not all outlines or drafts created by the client are used, as phone calls and interviews can alter the initial scope.

Effective Communication

communication is an essential part of ghostwriting projects, especially for books. However, contacting the client may sometimes be difficult, leading to delays in the project. Additionally, if multiple interviews are required or if conversations deviate from the main topic, the project may take longer to complete.


Another factor that may cause delays is the number of interviews required. Depending on the complexity of the book project, several discussions may be necessary. This is particularly true for biographies or memoirs, where multiple interviews with the client and people close to them may be required.


Finally, the length of the interviews may also cause delays. Conversations with interview subjects may linger, deviate from the main topic, or go off on tangents. While these conversations may be informative and interesting, they can also make it challenging to stay on track and complete the interviews in a timely manner.


Interviewing processes can greatly affect the timeline of your book writing. It is better to discuss how many hours to write a book that requires interviews with your ghostwriters in the initial consultation.

Getting the Facts Right

The amount of third-party research required will vary depending on the topic and scope of the project. It will probably take more research to write a book on a historical era or one that requires accurate facts and information than it would to write a book about your own life.

The Writing Process

This is the most important aspect of the book-writing process. The difficulty of the book will determine how much time the ghostwriter needs. Some ghostwriters require extra time to create a highly technical book with detailed instructions. Others may not require much time as it may be shorter or not as complicated and technical as others. 


When working with skilled ghostwriters, the goal is to give a speedy turnaround. The pace with which they write, however, is also determined by the sort of information.


Additionally, ghostwriters must ensure that they are being creative and producing creative content while sticking to the instructions mentioned by the client. 

Keeping It Original

This is an important aspect of the writing process. Besides requiring extensive creativity and writing skills to generate the book, the writing procedure should be unique. It makes no difference where the ghostwriter gets their material from; what matters is that the output must be original and free of plagiarism.


In many cases, the ghostwriter may not have planned to produce something similar to another article. However, there is a good probability you will uncover some parallels because there is so much diverse content on the internet and in already-released publications. In such circumstances, ghostwriters frequently go back and revise the material to boost its originality.


Whether intentional or not, an originality check helps maintain the work’s freshness and authenticity.

Editing the Book Draft

Upon completion of writing, the book must undergo editing. Many individuals believe that using a different editor is unnecessary because the ghostwriter is able to edit the book themselves. However, editors might provide a fresh take on it.


The editor’s role is to polish and improve the content further during the ghostwriting process. An editor can point out ideas that do not flow well or draw the ghostwriter’s attention to stuff that is not truly needed. They can also verify for spelling and grammar mistakes, typos, references, and whether the book meets your criteria.


But one of the best things about hiring an editor is the fact that they can handle all of the above while maintaining the client’s tone. Although it is a tightrope to tread, skilled editors make it look easy. Furthermore, a competent one can sift through the content and deliver it straightforwardly and understandably. 


Editing takes a whole distinct skill set from authoring. It, therefore, becomes an essential component of content generation. Editors guarantee that the book’s quality is up to par by contributing their expertise, perspectives, and experience.


When editing is finished, the editor will let the ghostwriter know which parts need to be revised. After making any necessary content improvements, the author will resubmit the work for approval from the client.

Feedback and Improvement

Once the book draft is complete, the author gets to review the draft carefully. If they require any changes or feel like adding some information in some places, they can inform the ghostwriter.


Feedback incorporation is one of the crucial processes during ghostwriting. Expert ghostwriting companies will always value their clients’ feedback and ensure everything’s modified as needed.

Final Review

Once the client approves everything, the book is ready for final review, i.e., proofreading. The fact that their book is getting the utmost care and attention during several rounds of writing and editing might provide the author peace of mind. There must be no rush involved in the ghostwriting process.

Perks of Collaborating with Ghostwriters: What Should You Expect?

When you hire ghostwriting services for eBook writing, you get to work with experts who specialize in various genres and understand your vision and writing style. You can just spill the beans, and they’ll come up with your dream draft.


Make sure you’re hiring professional ghostwriting services online since they sign a non-disclosure agreement (NDA) with you, ensuring that all information exchanged will be kept confidential. Your vision, ideas, stories, notes, and everything else will be private from the beginning.


At the end of your collaboration, you will receive a complete, final document that includes: 
 Title page


  • Dedication section
  • Table of contents
  • Acknowledgments
  • All material, including introductions and section headers, as needed.


This is all you need to proceed with the publication process, though you can add more components—after all, it is your book.


There’s everything right with hiring ghostwriters for book writing. You just need to pick reliable partners who understand your vision and meet your requirements. Research a lot so that you know your information and investment are going into the right hands.


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Frequently Asked Questions

Who will own the right to my ghostwritten book?

YOU and only you. Ghostwriters will only help you write it. You will own all the rights to your book. This will be made clear to you in the non-disclosure agreements (NDA) shared by your writing partners.

The cost of hiring a ghostwriter varies from ghostwriting service to service because each one has a different price range. At Maven Ghostwriters, we offer various pricing packages to suit our clients’ needs and budgets.

Ghostwriting companies offer a chance for individuals to become book owners, regardless of their writing skills or ability to captivate readers with their words. Therefore, ghostwriters don’t engage in any unethical practice, regardless of one’s personal beliefs and values. To put it simply, ghostwriting is a completely ethical practice.